Commemoration May 4th Canadian Cemetery Holten

In 2020 we remember that it is 75 years since the Allies liberated our country. On May 4th  there will be a memorial at the Canadian Cemetery in Holten. Given the limited capacity for visitors, entrance tickets are mandatory. Foreign visitors can order the requiered free tickets for this commemoration at this site.

Because there will be road closures and restrictions you can only access Holten Cemetery via the shuttle buses. Departure times are mentioned on the entry ticket.
Boarding places will be at two locations in Holten*:

  1. Industrial area Vletgaarsmaten
  2. NS train station

*also for wheelchair or rollator users.

For more information please contact Welcome Again Veterans or mail

As stated, on May 4, the cemetery and area will be hermetically closed for all traffic, including pedestrians, and only accessible by shuttle bus.

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